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"Ala ad-Din: A Short Story"
Genre: Magical realism
Word Count: 5,000
An old man summons a djinni to accompany him through the last year of his life. Perhaps it can mean redemption for them both.
Originally published in the online venue "Dante's Heart: The Journal",  "Ala ad-Din" is now available on Kindle.

Currently Seeking Representation

Genre: YA Action/Adventure (Diesel punk zombie apocalypse)
Word Count: 70,000
Six years after World War II is cut short by the rise of les revenants, the only living people left in all of Paris is a group of teenage and child survivors who depend on one another to stay alive. An American intruder offers them the chance to escape into civilization and, though they know the journey will be hazardous, they have no choice but to accept. The revenants are beginning to evolve...

A House Divided
Genre: YA Alternate History
Word Count: 72,000
Three modern-day teens meet for the first time since their family was separated by Confederate victory in the American Civil War, forcing them to go up against a budding Civil Rights movement, the US military, and a mad scientist hiding a secret that could change their entire world.