Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun Finds in Old Comics

So, while we were cleaning out my grandmother’s house after her death, my mother found these stacks of old comic books – one of the many things my slightly-crazy aunt collected for a short time in an attempt to be popular. Mom handed them over to me since I’m the only one in the family who knows anything about comics. Most of them are pretty tattered, though readable, and nothing special, mostly worth the usual $2-$5 a book. But there were a few surprises.

- An original printing of Superman #161, featuring “The Last Days of Ma and Pa Kent!” This side story bumps the issue’s value, in the “fair” condition that I have it, to almost $100. Hell to the yes.

- Action Comics #410, which I always wondered about after seeing it on Superdickery. It’s a pretty typical “imaginary” story, but my inner continuity alarm started laughing hysterically when I found out that, you know the “Satanic Son” that Superman is protecting there? His name is Kryss Kent. Just wow. He even looks like Zod, and Zod didn’t even exist yet. XD

- Batman #246. Because “How many ways can a Robin DIE?” is just one of those insanely entertaining weird stories.

- The Wonder Woman issue with her black twin sister, Nubia, who has the exact same back story as She-Ra Princess of Power; only she was kidnapped by Ares, not Hordak. Horrak. Horcurmp? Whatever his name is.

- Batman #255, One Hundred Page Super Spectacular, which contains a lot of those side-stories that wouldn’t matter except that Morison decided to recycle them including that crazy bat-outfit of Thomas Wayne’s.

- The Mighty Thor #171, the only Marvel comic in the mix, was also the last silver-age issue of Thor. So it’s worth about $80.00. Double yes. :3
7) I am not the only comic fan who loved Jughead! His title comic from the 80s goes for $15.00 an issue.

I’m gonna get these things all bagged up and photographed soon so I can put them up on eBay. I actually really like this whole old-comics researching thing. Kinda wish there were more of them to go through.

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  1. Oooh that's a really cool find. Are you sure you want to sell right now? Would their value increase if you kept them safely stored for a few years or does it not work like that? x