Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I can now officially say that I’ve begun collecting rejection notices, as I have received three in the last week: two for my novel and a third for a short story. And they were all form rejections, which means that they probably didn’t get pass the query letter. Sigh. It’s weird. I’m not actually upset about it. I’m more…well, not really annoyed, but…put-out?

You know that feeling that you get, when you’ve got a big day planned with your sweetheart, with a trip to the zoo and a nice dinner and finishing off with a movie, but then you get to the zoo and you find out that it’s closed because of a turkey flu outbreak and now you and your sweetheart have three hours with nothing to do before your dinner reservations?

That’s a little like what I’m feeling right now. Which may or may not explain why I spent the last three hours firing off queries to four other lit agents. I’m determined to at least get one of them to request extra pages and or give me a reason why they don’t want my book besides the standard, “Dear Author, you’re just not right for me, srry!” note.

Oh, and having them offer to represent me would be nice too. But I figure if I set my goals low I won’t be too disappointed.

On a completely different note, at least one of my roommates who are moving out this week is an idiot, because we have this little spout on the sink where the overflow from the dish washer gets belched out, and someone keeps turning the damn thing so that it spurts water all over the counter and, if it’s allowed to run all the way through, floods the kitchen. And they set it up like that when the only person living in the apartment right now (me) does not really know how to properly wield a mop and therefore has a lot of trouble just not making the mess into an even bigger one. Sigh.

Finally: Today I received my incredibly cheap used copy of The Legend of Rah and the Muggles. Despite what TV Tropes has told me, I have discovered that it is not just the worst children’s book ever written. It is the most HILLARIOUSLY bad children’s book ever written. I totally cannot wait to bite into this thing, because just, wow. XD

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