Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thoughts from the Sea - Part 3

From the first of January through the eighth, I took a break from the internet to go on a holiday cruise with my immediate family. While wandering the ship, I had a lot of time to myself to think. Whenever a thought got to be too much for me to hold, I pulled open a word file and wrote them down. These are those thoughts, unfiltered and unedited. Take them as you will.

I love Saint Thomas. I feel the same sort of breathless pang when I look at this island as I do when I see Dallas. It’s that same feeling of home. If I can’t get a job in Texas, maybe I’ll move here.

Wish I had the internet. I could look up the procedure for moving to the territories…

A note to my parents and other people concerned about my general future: I would be happy to travel abroad. In fact, I would love to travel abroad. But only if I can take my kitty. I don’t care where I’m going, or for how long. If I’m leaving Dallas, I am not leaving Lenka behind.

Mom says that international travel with a pet is hard. Every time she brings it up, I get so upset that I can’t even talk to her – it usually leaves me on the verge of tears. Mom thinks this is because I’m afraid Lenka will die while I’m gone, and she always assures me that they’ll take good care of her. She doesn’t realize that that’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

Watching the new Alice in Wonderland on the cruise TV. I love the storytelling in this movie, though I still don’t quite get this cultural obsession with the Mad Hatter. I mean, doesn’t the Hatter/Alice pairing seem a little creepy and pedophilic to anyone else?

I have writer’s block something awful. The fact that there is every single inch of this boat is absolutely crawling with people does not help matters. At all.

Dear girl who just ran into me: Your ginormous fake breasts are too big for that tiny bikini; you look like a pregnant cow wearing dental floss.

Crowds and creative block make me bitchy.

Dude, school of flying fish. Awesome. I feel better now.

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  1. These musings are very amusing Addley C. Fannin. Well done.