Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Balancing Writing and the Day Job

This work thing is hard work.

As you Twitter folks have probably clued into, I recently found myself in possession of a day job – a necessary evil. On the significant plus side, every hour I spend on the job pushes me a little closer to another month of life beyond living with my parents. On the minus side, every hour on the job means one less hour to spend on my real job, ie, the business of writing.

It’s rather frustrating, as I’m sure you can imagine. And then it’s complicated with how tired I’ve been lately, and how much I just want to sleep my extra hours away and…well, long sotry short, I’ve lost my focus.

But no more, you hear me? No more.

I may come home every night blurry-eyed and fuzzy headed from dealing with the insanity of accounting textbooks (seriously, some of these writers are clipart-loving, hippie-hugging freaks) and I may want nothing more than to sleep like a drugged cat; but gosh darn it, I am going to do something productive with my downtime, even if it’s just trying to catch up on my Debut YA author’s challenge.

(Speaking of, if you’re curious, I’m reading The Liar Society right now and it’s getting my brain buzzing. Expect some sort of blog-cough on the subject soon)

So this is me trying to kick myself into gear. I have a day job for now, and it’s important, but it is not my top priority. My top priority is to my work, and by god, I am going to give it the time that it deserves, starting tonight.

Kick my ass if you see me doing otherwise.

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