Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conflicting Emotions

Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. Over the internet, becasue I'm a coward. I feel like a complete and utter heel, and even a night's sleep hasn't been enough to get rid of the exhaustion.

Compounding my bad mood is the fact that the one roommate I'm on awkward terms with is doing her damn hardest to turn herself into my mother; or rather, she's trying to become the sort of sterotypical television mother who is all nagging and no love. I keep my dice in the living room, where my Dungeons and Dragons game meets. She doesn't like this because it might tip off her friends that people actually live here instead of just using it for parties. Last time she bothered me about picking them up, I was working on writing, so I went and got them. She lectured me. I ignored her. Now she wants to have "A Meeting" with the four of us.

Living with people is hard.

On a more positive side, I have a title for my NaNo: Aurorae. So far I like it. I'll have to write the book to see if it fits though. I'm really looking forward to this. Finally, a paranormal romance that doesn't suck and actually deserves to be filed in the "horror" section!

Also, still waiting for Strange Horizons magazine to get back to me about the short story I submitted to them, Ala ad'Din. They're a week overdue and the waiting it killing me; especially since I really want to submit it to the Writer's Digest competition if they reject it.

Need to work on a short story for my graduate school applications, too. Maybe "The Interior of Sheridan Price" can warrant a second look...

NaNo Countdown: 10 Days and Counting!

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